STOP! It’s Not Too Late

Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years Using the BMS Model

STOP! It’s Not Too Late is an assembly of scientific facts coupled with experience gained in the field.

It is designed to empower people providing them with the tools to lead their most productive life. It is delivered in a reader-friendly format which is made interactive through the provision of reflection points and space to challenge yourself and to make commitments.

The book is composed of three sections in keeping with the triune concept of the human being. Each section deals with one component of the triune and that component is itself divided into three components which visit the concept of the nourishment for the particular component; the optimum environment for its growth and development and the factors we allow to impact each component.

About The Author

The author is a trained Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been active in the field for almost thirty years. The BMS model was ingrain in him through the exemplary life of his paternal grandmother who lived for 115 years. Incredibly her only known visit to the hospital was in the months leading up to her death. She was never a participant in the vices of common living, always maintaining even to her death a BMI of 23 and She had an unyielding faith. My light bulb moment came in my biochemistry PhD class as I learnt how food was used. Throughout medical school, I tested my hypothesis on my peers. The BMS model was born and every experience solidified within me the belief that the recipe for a long active life is based on addressing the needs of the three components of the triune. Their nourishment, environment, and impacting factors.

STOP! It’s Not Too Late

Adding years to your life and life to your years using the BMS approach

Chapter 1 “Nourishing the Body”

Addresses key components of a diet.

Chapter 2 “Source of Food”

Talks about the various sources of food from a dietary standpoint.

Chapter 3 “The Environment in Which We Live In”

Talks about the impact of our environment on our physical bodies.

Chapter 4 “Factors That Impact Your Body”

The various elements which affect our bodies, some we can control, and others beyond our control.

Chapter 5 “An Introduction to the Mind”

Addresses the types of mindsets and how they can be recognized.

Chapter 6 “Nourishment of the Mind”

How we can appropriately nourish our minds.

Chapter 7 “How Your Environment Affects Your Mind”

Addresses the environmental factors which we can control that adversely affects our mindset.

Chapter 8 “Factors That Impact Your Mind”

Looks at factors which can have crippling effects on the mind.

Chapter 9 “What is the Human Spirit”

Defines the human spirit.

Chapter 10 “Nourishing Your Spirit”

Outlines the appropriate nourishing of the spirit.

Chapter 11 “The Best Environment”

To Nurture Your Spirit Advises on the ideal environment for the spirit to blossom.

Chapter 12 “Factors That Impact Our Spirit”

How do we know whether these factors have a positive or negative impact on the spirit.

Chapter 13 “Bringing it All together”

In this final chapter evidence is presented giving credibility to the book teaching.

STOP! It's Not Too Late

Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years Using the BMS Model

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